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A headshot of Kate in a blazer

Kate DeHaan (she/her)

Writer and Executive Assistant for Student Affairs


Calvin University

Bachelors of Arts in Writing




A Bit About Me

I am the author of Losing Kate which makes me a blogger and a website designer. Even the photographs are mine. (Unless it's of myself). This is my digital portfolio of all my published writing which I am slowly but surely growing. This is also where I share my advocacy work as I believe that writing is a tool to tell narratives that combat oppressions.

So this is a lot of things. 

Primarily, however, I am a writer trying to share what I have to offer. My style of writing ranges, but I would describe it as simple, slice-of-life, sometimes witty, sometimes poetic. The blog is called Losing Kate because it was originally going to be a travel blog about how I loose so many things. As it has progressed, I have been grappling with loss on a larger scale. Even my other works in progress deal with loss in some way. 

But I promise it's not all serious. So please, enjoy exploring my site and my work. If you like what I do, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you really like what I do and are a literary agent, contact my twice. 


Work Experience

July 2023 - Present

Executive Assistant for Student Affairs

Mercer University

Provide assistance to the Access and Accommodation Office.
Plan events to facilitate student satisfaction and growth.
Manage purchasing and finance for the department of student affairs.
Respond to student issues.
Design promotional material for services and events.

February, 2023 - July 2023

Academic Support Specialist

Mercer University

Manage complex data in excel to track student information and ensure project completion.
Implement organizational strategies to ensure that data is secure and easy to access.
Facilitate communication between faculty and students.
Coordinate events including reserving rooms, procuring food and sending out tickets.
Promote a positive work environment by keeping supplies stocked.

July, 2022 - January, 2023

Math and English Tutor

Veritas Collaborative

Tutor patients ages ten to twenty-four on their schoolwork in treatment for eating disorders.
Educated students on a variety of subjects at a variety of ages.
Collaborate with co-workers to best serve patients according to our specialties.
Create and manage a system in Microsoft Excel to monitor the books patients receive while at the hospital.
Perform classroom management techniques to ensure students are engaging in treatment appropriate behavior.
Manage patients' personal school supplies upon intake and discharge.
Welcome patients to the classroom.
Facilitate a positive learning environment.

January, 2022 - March, 2022

Kung Fu Youth Instructor

Chan's Kung Fu School

Alongside two other instructors, I led a youth Kung Fu class.
Managed classroom behavior.
Taught students choreographed forms.

May, 2019 - April, 2022

Student Researcher and Research Assistant

Calvin University

Planned, executed, and reported on two research projects under the Calvin Research Fellows and Calvin McGregor Fellowship. During the first project I worked closely with a mentor professor, Kristine Johnson, and during the second I completed the research independently for the University’s writing center.
Studied the literature to understand the context of the research.
Ascertained IRB certification.
Designed and distributed a survey.
Conducted and transcribed semi-structured interviews in person and over zoom.
Coded qualitative data in Microsoft Excel.
Collaborated on a paper about the findings.
Published findings for the first project in Vol. 110, No. 5, May 2021 of English Journal.
Presented research for the second project at East Central Writing Centers Association.

August, 2019 - April, 2022

Writing Center Consultant

Calvin University

Worked one-on-one with students to help them become better writers.
Assess the needs of the student at the beginning of the session and create a plan with how to best help them according to their concerns and time constraint.
Worked with students whose first language was not English.
Conducted IRB certified research into how writing centers can advocate for their students.
Presented research at the East Central Writing Centers Association conference.
Observed, reported on, and had conversations with junior staff members about their strengths and weaknesses.
Advertised our services by managing social media accounts, speaking with classes, and creating posters.
Planned and hosted a bi-annual event before finals week. This included getting prizes from businesses, communicating with professors to set up booths, giving sessions, and hosting an open mic event.
Directed students to resources on campus such as the research librarians, counseling center, or disability coordinators.

August, 2019 - August, 2022

Wilderness Orientation Leader

Calvin University

Led incoming freshmen on weeklong backpacking trips.
Collaborated with a team of leaders developed strategies according to specific leadership styles.
Outfitted for the trip including planning gear, food, and first aid materials.
Studied strategies to facilitate a positive transitional experience for freshmen to enter college.
Greeted students and made sure they were prepared for the trip. This included checking what they packed, passing out and explaining maps, and explaining skills.
Managed the physical and emotional needs of the students.
Facilitated self-care and interpersonal relationships.
Taught wilderness skills so students could become self-sufficient and go on their own backpacking trips.

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