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Land Back

What does this phrase mean, and where did it come from?


I found this list of charities led by indigenous people to support. I have highlighted a few, but wanted to include the whole list.

Joy Harjo was the first indigenous poet Laureate of the Unite States. She is a member of the Muskogee (Creek) nation. This is her list of ways you can support indigenous artists. 

This is an episode of the podcast 99% Invisible, a design podcast, about how indigenous people are trying to establish personhood in the name of the law.

This is an episode of the podcast "Ologies" about moss. This ologist is also the author of Braiding Sweet Grass, a book of essays that I dearly love. She talks both about moss from a western scientific perspective and from an indigenous perspective.

This organization works to bring running water to people on the Navajo people because 30% of them do not have access to it. They got a 100% score on charity navigator.

This is an indigenous clothing brand that seeks to their culture visible through fashion. 

The firs half of this episode is from a fire ecologist talking about the basics of what is happening right now in the world with wildfires. The second half is an Indigenous fire ecologist talking about how indigenous fire practices can help regulate wildfires among other things.

This is an organization that seeks to fight racism through education at all ages. They do this by providing book lists, resources on how to approach anti-racist conversations, and other story based advocacy.

Reading List

Here are some of my favorite books about or by Indigenous peoples. This list is by now means expansive and always expanding.

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