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My dad looks at fireworks going off around him in glee.

Let's Vote

Voting is the cornerstone of Democracy, but it can also be really stressful and confusing. So let's stay informed together and vote for what we believe in. 

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Want to help out with elections in a hands on way? Sign up to work the polls!

If you live in Georgia, you are able to view all the candidates, amendments, and referendums that will be on your ballot. The site provides information on the values and endorsements of each candidate, creating an unbiased assessment of the values of they people you are electing. You can then print out your guide with all your choices.

This organizations goal is to increase the agency of the Black community through voting. They do this by promoting voter registration, advocate for voting policy, train local infrustructure.

This site will help you with all your voting questions for every state. You can register, check your registration, and study your ballot. They also have phone lines to report and help you with any problems you have before or on the day.

Voter suppression is not a thing of the past, especially in Georgia. This organization seeks to end that practice that threatens our democracy "by advocating around voter mobilization, civic engagement and educating community members in Georgia and throughout the United States."

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