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No Planet B


This organization's objective are to "(1) the racial and socioeconomic achievement gap that undermines our ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity; (2) the limited or restricted sense of youth agency and voice; and (3) the cultivation of the next generation of scientists, conservationists and planetary stewards." They do this by providing SCUBA and research opportunities.

The firs half of this episode is from a fire ecologist talking about the basics of what is happening right now in the world with wildfires. The second half is an Indigenous fire ecologist talking about how indigenous fire practices can help regulate wildfires among other things.

This is an episode of the podcast "Ologies" about moss. This ologist is also the author of Braiding Sweet Grass, a book of essays that I dearly love. She talks both about moss from a western scientific perspective and from an indigenous perspective.

This is an episode of the podcast "Ologies" about squids. This is a delightful episode about these amazing creatures. Listen to get excited about these cephalopods.

This podcast episode of Freakenomics called "Are E.S.G. Investors Actually Helping the Environment?" talks about how E.S.G. (environmental, social, governance) investing is not as good as it sounds and how to invest in a way that makes the earth a better place.

This is an episode of the podcast 99% Invisible, a design podcast, about how indigenous people are trying to establish personhood in the name of the law.

Reading List

Here are some of my favorite books about or by Black people. This list is by now means expansive and always expanding.

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