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A Writer's List

  1. Observe everything.

  2. Inspiration is great but unreliable.

  3. Writing shouldn't be solitary.

  4. Nothing is a waste of time if you pay attention and learn.

  5. Read like a writer. Think about what the author did well and what you would have done differently.

  6. Take turns thinking like a writer and just existing.

  7. Never draft thinking about who might read it.

  8. Don't write only what you know. Write what you want to know.

  9. Write emotionally invested, then detach and edit ruthlessly. Always come back to the emotion.

  10. Prepare a place to work. Know what helps you continue.

  11. Try your best to love what you write and don't feel bad when you hate it.

  12. Learn to handle rejection.

  13. The only thing that makes you a writer is placing the title upon yourself. So throw the cloak around your shoulders, pick up your pen, and write. Even if you can only manage to make a slightly pretentious list of advice. It's something.

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