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Advocate Highlight: Blair Imani

I recently saw a post from Blair Imani, the creator of "Smarter in Seconds," about how activism that only happens when communities are dying and in pain isn't really activism. To really care about a marginalized group of people, you can't just care about them when they are suffering the most.

Every since seeing that post, I realized that I have been reactionary in my advocacy. I think it's important to bring attention to tragedy, but also to support the cause after the greatest loss strikes. A way in which I will try and be consistent, is to make posts highlighting organizations, advocates, and books that advocate better than I ever could.


To start off this series, I'm going to talk about the person that inspired this series, Blair Imani (she/her). She started a viral series on Instagram called "Smarter in Seconds" where she does mini-lessons about everything and anything "intersectionality, gender studies, race and racism, sociology, and United States history." She also brings in other content creators to talk about things she is not an expert on.

She has also written three books that I have not read yet but want to.

She is the "co-owner of Fempower Beauty," a makeup brand dedicated "making self love accessible for everyone." They provide beauty coaching and write blog posts to help people gain self confidence.

She is the "Executive Producer at Holler Studios," an animation studio, and is the "Head of Education at FEMINIST," an Instagram account that is "An intersectional, international, intentional, & intergenerational feminist community of change makers"

I recommend following her on Instagram and, if you can, supporting her on Patreon.

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