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Dialogue Publication

I was published in Calvin University's literary journal Dialogue. Because they don't publish them online, I wanted to put them on my blog.



A year after we

looked for a comet

you had a migraine.

I massaged your

temples as you

drifted in and out

of consciousness.

Now you have

wires attached

to your head

to measure how hard

you’re thinking.

I kiss you to see

what happens.


Forest, Forest

When the mute swan,

glum as a night-cap,

was brought to America

to dot the ponds of the rich,

they escaped. I speak with

the leader of the revolt.

He can only hiss and snort

with his vocal cords but I hear him

like a toddler whispering in my ear.

The behavior of M. Swann the elder

tells me it was hell in the well-manicured water.

He takes me to the forest where they fled.

Again he dips into the lake where

something inside him lets loose,

pulls me under.

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