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Goodbye Rhetoric Center

Goodbye Rhetoric Center.

Goodbye comic strips on the door.

Goodbye room that's always too hot or too cold.

Goodbye staff meetings with rice crispy treats and clementines.

Good bye desperately trying to remember what just happened so I could write a two sentence session report.

Goodbye session where you know you did a bad job, but they still walk out with a smile on their face.

Goodbye plants that were kept alive by someone else.

Goodbye notepads that kept me focused and the Lego pencil holders that I'd fiddle with when I had nothing to write down.

Goodbye white boards used for sessions, studying, and magnetic poetry.

Goodbye notes and drawings scribbled by our boss' third grade son.

Goodbye Chic-Fil-A cow telling us to eat more words.

Goodbye stickers, art, and news article with the funny typo.

Goodbye phone that surprised us every time it rang.

Goodbye coworkers that I call friends.

Goodbye sign that didn't lie.

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