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I'm Officially Published

Holy cow you guys! I'm published!

Last summer I did linguistic research with my professor and mentor Kristine Johnson. I interviewed fourteen seniors in high school and asked them what they though made a "real" writer. We then analyzed the data and wrote an article for English Journal. The process was hard and way out of my comfort zone as I come from a background of hard science and not being used to qualitative research. I am so proud of the result and am so thankful for Professor Johnson for taking a chance on writing major to do linguistic research.

I have dreamed of seeing my name in print since I fell in love with writing in fifth grade. When I

was young I never thought my first publication would be for a peer reviewed article, but it sure is a happy surprise.

Thank you all for your support. I couldn't have done it without you. Fifth grade me would loose her mind to know that her dream does come true.


Click the button bellow to find the article!

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