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I'm Writing a Book

I'd like to announce, for myself just as much as for you all, that I plan on self-publishing a genre-bending memoir before 2023 turns into 2024. Since graduating, I have been struggling to maintain writing as a part of my everyday routine. So hopefully, by announcing it, by sharing my experience as a post college writer, I hope to hold myself accountable and do what it is I really love⁠—telling my story.

The book will be about my special bond with water, an imagined life in the ocean, and where we turn when we lose everything. While a lot of the book will take place in a fantastical adventure with myself and an octopus, I will also be cutting in real life experiences⁠—some featured on this blog.

As well as updating my subscribers on the writing process, I will be publishing some of the vignettes that will eventually find there way into my book. So if a story has something to do with water, you might see it show up again in my first published memoir.


I will also be looking for an illustrator for a book cover and chapter illustrations down the road. If you are an artist and have interest in collaborating, please don't hesitate to reach out.


If you want to support ocean conservancy, check out my advocacy page to see how you can help the sea.

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