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I've Officially Presented Research at a Conference

This weekend I had the honor of presenting my research about writing center advocacy at the East Central Writing Centers Association. This weekend I bonded with my coworkers over wine that Calvin technically paid for and grew in the how I will be a writing tutor now and in the future.

I am grateful for my director, my coworkers, and all the people who made the conference possible. Below is a recording of my presentation, Writing Center as Advocate. It is in two parts because my phone ran out of storage three minutes in.


In the short gap, I explain that the students constructed their identity in regards to their audience. They construct their identity in writing in a way they think their audience will receive well. Students also recognize that there are limitations to how well they can represent and construct themselves. The first way being through the knowledge that they have. International students whose first language was not English explained how their limited vocabulary, compared to their native language, restricts their ability to accurately express themselves. This next video picks up with an explanation of interpretation.

Thank you for watching, feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the presentation.


This video is my brief explanation of the resources below. Also, a video of me fumbling with technology.

Survey Questions
Download • 107KB
Survey Results
Download • 660KB
Interveiw Questions
Download • 90KB
Presentation Handout (with bonus quotes)
Download • 116KB

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