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Let's Vote

I'm taking a break from my (not so) regular blog content to share with you all something I stumbled on while trying to figure out how I was going to vote tomorrow.

I have been very stressed about voting. I know how important it is, but with how hectic it is to move states for the first time, I was scared voting would fall through the cracks. Luckily I got my Georgia License which allowed me to register online.

But I was still anxious about when and where and if I was going to able to participate in the upcoming election, during a frantic google search I stumbled upon The Georgia Voter Guide.

If you live in Georgia, you are able to view all the candidates, amendments, and referendums that will be on your ballot. The site provides information on the values and endorsements of each candidate, creating an unbiased assessment of the values of they people you are electing. You can then print out your guide with all your choices.

As well as this, The Georgia Voter Guide allows Georgia voter to check their registration status, how to vote by mail, and if you can vote with a criminal record.

I know it may be late for some of you to register, and that you don't all live in Georgia, but I hope this inspires some of you guys to google your local elections and see what gems you find.

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