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Stand Up for Trans Rights

*trigger warning: transphobia and homophobia*


I haven't been posting recently, but I need to break my silence to talk about the influx of anti-LGBTQ+ bills especially against young trans kids. If you are unfamiliar with what is happening right now, this page on the ACLU website outlines where and what kind of bills are being proposed, and why they are harmful.

I know I don't have a huge following. I know those reading this may not understand trans people, but this should not bar you from feeling compassion.

If you believe trans kids should not have access to gender affirming care, here is an article where doctors and medical organizations explain that it is in fact safe and life saving. You don't need to understand what it is like to be trans to have compassion for children who need gender affirming care and trust the medical professionals who provide it.

There are bills beyond just health care. There are laws being proposed around education, sports, civil rights, and free speech. Personally, I am scared and lost. I don't really know how to help. I believe awareness and education are the first steps, but beyond that, It's hard not to shut down with worry and helplessness.

If you have money you can donate, and if you have time you can speak with your politicians, and as always you have the power to vote. Here is a list of resources for trans people that you can use or support from GLAAD. Other than that, if you are cis-gender and consider yourself an ally, and even if you don't, have compassion and humility when it comes to the lives and experiences you don't understand. If you are trans, know that you are loved.


Find More resources on my Trans Right page. Comment more trans rights activists, content creators, and organizations you want people to know about.

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