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The First

I feel this pressure for this first entry to be perfect. Like the pressure of driving with no one else in the car for the first time. Like falling in love for the first time, and then breaking up because of reasons out of your control. Like opening a package of a new weirdly flavored oreo. There is potential for the start of something unbelievably amazing, and yet there is the possibility of falling flat on your face.

So, I suppose the only thing to do is lean into the fear, and talk about all the times I've fallen. The premise of this blog is about loss framed by my uncanny ability to lose my personal belongings. I have left my wallet in an airport twice. I have gotten knives confiscated from me at the security check twice. And have lost countless knick-knacks, tickets, phone chargers, etc....

On a more serious note, it is also about losing my mind. It is about losing dreams. It is about losing sight of how to love myself. If I can be anything in my writing, I want to be real. I want to open myself to the world so I might help someone, and so I might help myself.

Please enjoy my stories. I certainly do.

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