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This post is meant to celebrate the spaces that we make for ourselves. Whether you write, draw, paint, or make brilliant spreadsheets, you need a space to call your own. If you want to read more about my desk, check out the post titled "The Writing Space." Please enjoy these goofy and heartfelt sentiments sent in by you, dear reader.


Kate DeHaan

My creative space has enough junk on it to distract me from my writer's block. If I get frustrated with the blank page (which you can see highlighted in a photo of my journal with an obscenity written in all caps crossed out), I can look at Gatsby eating the rocks at the bottom of the tank.


Mike DeHaan

Our family has all carved out our individual spaces to focus while we work from home. Kate is holed up in her room at her roll-top desk. Laura is in the kitchen with views outside of the river and birds. I am nerding out with my two big monitors and not many distractions ... Save one furry occasional distraction. Cooper joins me when I start working in the morning. Normally he is content to just sleep nearby. However, once and a while he gets my attention by bringing me a toy and climbing up my side to stare me in the eyes. It is good to take a break every once in a while. However, it also reminds me that one of these days I need to figure out a good way to clip Cooper's claws...


Abigail Ham

I keep a stack of magazines on my desk that I'm never going to read. There's also a stack of books that I'm halfway through but they're the kind that I have to be in a specific mood to keep reading. The scrap paper has really been a breakthrough for me, though. I scribble all kinds of notes to myself which will either be the ingredients of some really exciting writing projects or a chronicle of my descent into madness.

*Kate speaking* this talented writer also has a blog that you should check out!


Audrey Hillbrands

My thinking space, as I like to call it, helps me to refocus on what sorts of things I can control and what sorts of things I let God take control of. At the end of the day, it gives me a peace of mind and comfort that no matter what’s going on (personally or culturally), I can trust that God is always there to support me through my ups and downs.


Greta Staggs

The desk is tucked into a little alcove in my room with a window. There’s also a ceiling light that filters light onto my back whenever I sit there. My desk contains the most important things too. An instant kettle for coffee and tea. And then pencils for writing and sketching and all my craft projects.


Anne Miedema

My room is my happy space and holds many of my hopes and dreams.


Rachel DeHaan Johnson

I should never have complained about the size of my classroom. Because now my classroom is an end table in a studio apartment.


Abi Miedema

It's not my usual one because my actual desk is in the basement with no natural light. I need natural light. I am a plant.


Abby Voskuil

I am currently sitting down and making a list of things I can do well in isolation for the next who knows how long that will be. It’s a list of things, in small and big ways, that will better me.


Leah Knoor

I try to fill my workspace up with things that make me happy because so much of what I have to do there is miserable. So if I’m writing an unbearable history paper I can grab some bubbles from my "Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" shot glass and take a break. Or I look at my pictures of Kate and me on Marco island or my valentine from Erica. I also keep a thank you note from eighth grade in my desk drawer that I didn’t get to send to my grandma before she died.

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