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Two sets of people perform Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art.

Stop Asian Hate


This site is a list of many different resources to for stopping racism against the AAPI community.

This organization delivers food care packages to AAPI elders in New York City. By donating $25 dollars, you can by a meal package for one person.

This is a group of five different organizations that work on advancing AAPI civil rights. They host events, write news articles, summarize information about a person's civil rights, and much more.

This is an organization founded after the rise in AAPI hate crimes after COVID-19. On this site you can report an incident and learn about the issue.

Donations to this organization are spread across many others that fight against AAPI racism. You can find the list of organizations here. They are a group of media professionals using there power to raise awareness and money.

This is an organization that seeks to fight racism through education at all ages. They do this by providing book lists, resources on how to approach anti-racist conversations, and other story based advocacy.

Reading List

Here are some of my favorite books about or by the AAPI community. This list is by now means expansive and always expanding.

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