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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Blog Posts


This organization addresses and provides resources for LGBTQ+ people who are struggling with substance abuse. Because queer folks are at a higher risk because of stigma and discrimination, it is important that the queer community has resources specifically for them.

This organization seeks to help the trans youth of Texas. They provide resources, a toolkit for how you can protect your kid, how to take action, and stay updated on the stat laws.

Their mission is "To uplift the narratives, lived experiences and leadership of trans and gender non-conforming people of color, our families and comrades as we build towards collective liberation for all oppressed people." Donate to their community funds to make an individual difference.

Black and Pink advocates for prison abolition and fight for the rights of LGBTQ+ inmates (especially those of color).

LQBTQ+ people are very vulnerable to cyberbullying and online harassment. This blog post is a guide for staying safe on the internet.

This organization "is a non-profit arts organization serving a diverse and vibrant community of LGBTQ+ artists across generations and disciplines." They establish mentorships, put on presentations, and provide other forms of community assistance.

The Trevor Project is an organization that both provides resources for trans people, but also has a guide on how to be a good ally. If you don't know much about what it means to be trans, or want to be a better ally, their guide is very helpful. For trans people they also provide counseling and can connect you other trans people.

Reading List

Here are some of my favorite books about or by Trans people. This list is by now means expansive and always expanding.

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